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To be honest , It was difficult to write this page… .I was wondering hours and hours what I should write here, what should be my statement, what should be my message and how to present myself.

I didn’t want to be boring and have the same About me page like all others… .I like to be different and to have my own style.

Rahu is in my 10th house.. if you know what I mean.

And I decided to make my life much easier and ask people that had astrology consultations with me to write me few questions that they have always wanted to ask me – questions about my personal life, about astrology, about life in general… .

So… hello, my name is Anatoly.

What does your name mean?

Anatoly is a Greek word that means Sunrise or where the Sun rises or East – I really like my name.


Where do you come from?

I am Bulgarian and I was born in one small town Elena – high in the Balkan mountain.


What is your zodiac sign in Vedic and Western astrology?

In Vedic astrology, I am Virgo with Ascendant Gemini and Moon in Pisces

In Western astrology, I am again Virgo with ascendant Cancer and Moon in Aries


Why and how did you choose exactly the Vedic astrology?

This is a nice story …many years I was looking for love, happiness, searching for my life path, but I could not find them…. I went to many western astrologers and they told me things, that did not come true and was really disappointed….. I wanted to be happy and have my own way

One day, while I was browsing YouTube, I decided to check what is the main characteristic of my sign Virgo and wrote in the search field the word VIRGO. The first video that I saw was of Kapiel Raaj… at this point, I didn’t know that this is the best online Vedic astrologer.

I said why this Indian guy says that Virgo starts from 15th September to 15th October ..he is wrong, Virgo is from 23rd August till 22nd September…. Then I started watching more videos and learned about Vedic astrology

I made my chart and start watching all videos on YouTube, reading online information, buying books and I fell in love with this astrology- I was astonished how accurate it is.

After one year I was able to predict things in my own life – for example when I will get raise in my job and have a lover ! then I started online courses In order to enrich my knowledge and have an official diploma for an astrologer


Who are the Vedic astrologers you admire most?

I really love and respect Kapiel Raaj and Joni Patry – they are a huge inspiration for me, regarding astrology


You gave me the best pieces of advice ever, what is your message to people in pain and sorrow?

Oh, this is difficult, but basically I truly believe that people should live in their truth and the way to be happy is healing the wounds from the past, respect yourself and other around you and you should remove the poison in your life – poison can be your boyfriend who drinks and tortures you, poison can be the alcohol you drink every night, poison can be the friend that tells you “You can’t make it, you are too weak, don’t try…”

Live with your own truth and of course believe in one bigger power than us –God, no matter the religion and the name


What kind of image do you want to have in society?

I want people to connect my name not only with astrology but with my messages and thoughts, regarding life, society, wisdom, spirituality, about the world. This is the reason I have a page for Astrology and page for Coaching/Blog on my website. I see myself as astrology and spiritual coach – I am a citizen of my country and a citizen of the world I have the right to speak and share my views.


Few more words about you?

As describes me :

“Anatoly Malakov is a certified Vedic astrologer, author, artist, YouTuber, and spiritual coach. He combines the magic of Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish, with practical spiritual coaching and manifests his own Astrology Coaching spiritual practice. He believes that astrology is like a map that shows us the path and the future, however, we people still have free will, and through astrological coaching, we can take the most from our lives.

Anatoly Malakov is the author of the “Easy&Simple” book series for beginners in astrology – “Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology- Easy&Simple” book, “Vedic Astrology- Easy&Simple” book, “Nakshatras Journal”, Vedic Astrology- Easy&Simple- The Notebook”. He is the author of spiritual coaching journals like Coloring gratitude journals and practical Dating journals for assessment of your dates.

Anatoly Malakov is the creator of:

– the website –

– YouTube channel and Facebook group, called – Astrology Coaching by Anatoly

– Special online Video Course for beginners in Vedic Astrology –

Anatoly Malakov is the author of the artistic book – “Artistically Non-artistic – Me, The Girls, The QR Codes and the Golden Oriole”, where art, spirituality, wisdom, and video come together.