Here are some useful pieces of advice, inspired by the beautiful Hindu culture

  1. Be in the present – Don’t be in hurry…. See the moment, feel the moment
  2. Don’t control everything and everyone – let your life experience happen, don’t try to urge people or events – what is meant to happen, will happen
  3. Allow yourself freedom – to be free is a virtue..so don’t try to be  someone else- give yourself freedom to express your true self and don’t chain other people to be something that isn’t their true inner personality
  4. Don’t be afraid
  5. Less is more – don’t try to have everything now ,at the present…sometimes less is more
  6. Don’t depend on other people – everyone is a different Universe, if someone is your soul mate, he/she will be in your life no matter circumstances. Some people come to give you lessons..good or bad ,depends, some people come to stay forever…..still don’t be emotionally dependent on anybody in possessive way – love and respect yourself
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  1. Always listen to your Inner voice – this is your connection with Universe
  2. Trust – trust yourself, trust people, trust God
  3. Love yourself – THE MOST important advice
  4. Travel
  5. Dream – but be careful what you dream – everything has a price….everything brings lesson to your life

As you know sometimes there is nothing more precious than unfulfilled dream 😃

  1. If you want a new shirt, you need the take off the old one…..if you want a new life, you will need to get rid of the old life – old patterns, old way of living

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