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With this consultation – Detailed Personality Horoscope  – you can understand the truth about yourself and your life.



Detailed Personality Horoscope Reading


The Detailed Personality Horoscope Reading includes a full personality analysis of your Vedic chart- the most important sectors of your life:

  • Personality and traits/ characteristics analysis – Who Am I?
  • Love analysis – Who Am I in love and love affairs? What kind of love do I need?
  • Career and passion
  • Life path and Destiny point – what is my life purpose?
  • Home & Family & Friends analysis.
  • Nakshatras of the Ascendant, Moon
  • I will reply to any pre-asked questions related to the topic, that you gave me in the additional note field. Please don’t worry if you have any questions that arise after you hear the audio file – you can ask them within 1-2 days after receiving the file.

This consultation is perfect for people, who have never had an astrological analysis of their chart.


How will I get the consultation?


  • The consultation will be an audio file, which will be long around 50/60 minutes, depending on your questions. I will need an email address through which I can send you the audio file.
  • The consultation is based on Vedic Astrology, which is the most accurate astrology, that shows the real position of your planets.
  • If you need live consultation, please check the option LIVE HOROSCOPE CONSULTATION, where we can make the consultation through Skype and have LIVE conversations and questions and answers.



!!! Once you make the purchase, please provide all the required information below by sending an email to or through the fields of the Cart Payment Checkout !!!

Subject of the email: Detailed Horoscope reading

Name: First name and Last name

Sex: male or female

Date of Birth: example 20 September 1990 – please always write the month with letters

Time of birth – example 19:30 h – this is for the evening, 7:30 – this is for the morning

Please be sure that you have an accurate time of birth

Place of birth – city of birth, state, country

Place of residence – city, state, country


Email / Skype – in order to send the audio file

Additional notes – you can leave information that you want to share or give me directions for the astrological analysis

PayPal transaction number/ Stripe transaction number– this is the number of the successfully settled payment for the Horoscope reading

10 reviews for Detailed Personality Horoscope Reading

  1. Özlem İdriz

    Anatoly is a true professional! I was shocked and amazed over and over again how close to the true is the analysis he made for me without knowing me at all! Strongly recommended for people who are about to make a decision or finally take the responsibility for their future – I was one of them 🙂 Thanks to the horoscope reading it was easier for me to accept the reality. Excellent job, Anatoly! Keep on!

  2. Gosh

    I’ve ordered Detailed Horoscope recently and I was really happy with the result – right on spot with everything about me. I absolutely recommend to anyone looking for guidance or just a little hint about what to do in a certain moment.

  3. Tanya Petrova

    Without any doubt, Anatoly is very talented Astrologer. What he says, come true 100%. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me . Keep up the good work! He told me to be careful with the health in last August, i didn’t listen, then i went to hospital. then i contacted hime again – He told me that i will go out from hospital after September, but till February i will need to take care of my health. what surprised me is that my doctors told me that i need to take medicine till February

  4. Tanya Petrova

    There’s no doubt that Anatoly is very talented Astrologer. What he says, come true 100%. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. Keep up the good work!

  5. Megi

    Anatoly is a true professional. The communication with him is smooth and very pleasant. I ordered detailed horoscope and I was really happy to see how accurate his reading is. More importantly he took the time to answer my questions and to give me a good guidance for my future plans. I will search for his readings again in the future.

  6. Darine

    Extremely accurate and helpful analysis. He was on spot for everything he said , I was shocked! Very skilfull, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you Anatoly! Everything you said not only helps me to find my realself more but its also very useful regarding the decisions and directions I will have to take in the future. You are the best! Highly recommended!

  7. Rosena

    I am grateful to Anatoly, he made me horoscope and analysis for me without knowing me. He is a true professional. Thank you for everything you told for me. It was important for my decision for my work and plans. I recommended for people who make a decision for their future plans. It is a pleasure to communicate with him. Thank you Anatoly.

  8. Iva

    I learnt a lot about my personality. I also noticed some important features in my character which I have neglected. On top of it I received some useful advices.
    The balance in the analysis, where good and not-so-good celestial alignments were taken into consideration, was the best part in the horoscope.
    I do hope that your predictions for the future will come true as most of what you said about the past was correct. 🙂
    Thank you. Wishing you good luck!

  9. Maria

    I was very pleased with the detailed horoscope made by Anatoly. It was very systematic, professionally prepared and understandable despite all the foreign terms and complicated planet names etc. He is very patient in explaining the meaning of all transitions and processes in order to make sense to anyone like me who wasn’t very aware of the Vedic Astrology. Anatoly will reveal everything – good and not so good about you so you can know how to accomplish your goals in life and find what you are looking for. Thanks to the very accurate predictions it was easier for me to make some difficult and important decisions for my future. 5 stars for him and for everything he does to help people!

  10. Mariya Mintova

    I have ordered detailed horoscope 3-4 months ago and I was surprised by how extremely accurate all the information about my personality was presented from Anatoly. Now after some time has passed I can say that all the things he told me about the next few months happened one way or another. I cant wait for the others! Thank you, Anatoly, for your professionalism, for the patience and for the help! Keep smiling and helping people, you are very good at those two things!

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