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The interaction between an astrologer and a client is important –the live consultation is an incredible experience where we can exchange energy, thoughts, and wisdom.

That’s why I think that this option is the best – we will be able to analyze your horoscope through live Skype conversation – you can ask questions, we can chat about your life, give the best advice for you and we can have the interaction that we can’t have in the audio file.

It is always nice to meet new people and get to know different cultural universes.


Live Horoscope Consultation

This Live Consultation can be used for astrological and spiritual coaching, based on your astrological natal chart, for horary astrology, yearly horoscope, and predictions, for business advice, or if you need advice and guidance when you are in any important dilemmas in your life. 

The consultation includes an analysis of your Vedic chart- the most important sectors of your life:

  • Personality and traits/ characteristics analysis – Who Am I?
  • Love analysis – Who Am I in love and love affairs? What kind of love do I need?
  • Career and passion
  • Life path and Destiny point – what is my life purpose?
  • Home & Family & Friends analysis.
  • Yearly horoscope – discussing the future period
  • Analysis of the planetary periods,dashas, and transits
  • Coaching
  • I will reply to all the questions you have


How will I get the consultation?

  • The Live Horoscope Reading is through Skype. The duration of this consultation is around 1 hour / 1 hour and 30 mins
  • The consultation is based on Vedic Astrology, which is the most accurate astrology, that shows the real position of your planets.



!!! Once you make the purchase, please provide all the required information below by sending an email to  or through the fields of the Cart Payment Checkout !!!

The subject of the email: Live Horoscope Consultation


Sex: male or female

Date of Birth: Example 20 September 1990 – please always write the month with letters

Time of birth – example 19:30 h – this is for the evening, 7:30 – this is for the morning

Please be sure that you have an accurate time of birth

Place of birth – city of birth, state, country

Place of residence – city, state, country

Email and Skype

Additional notes – you can leave information that you want to share or to give me directions for the astrological analysis – what kind of sphere you are working now

PayPal transaction number/ Stripe transaction number– this is the number of the successfully settled payment for the Horoscope reading.


After that, I will contact you and we will schedule the date for the Live consultation.

4 reviews for Live Horoscope Consultation

  1. Vess

    I consulted with Anatoly Malakov back in 2017 regarding life changing solutions I was searching for at that time. And guess what, the horoscope he made for me was extremely correct. Month by month I witnessed the most important events he pointed out to me then, happen one after another. I definitely recommend his service and abilities to everybody! If you are struggling for a long time with multiple unresolved issues in your life, love or career, go for it – contact Anatoly as he already holds your answers.

  2. Margarita

    Thank you, Anatoly, for your great support and help. Your horoscope was perfect match of my life, great professional. You really help me to understand myself and find my way in my life. Your analysis helps me to answer lots of questions for my childhood, my relationships and my future goals.

  3. Maria

    I believe in astrology and have some personal horoscopes through the years. I was curious though, what a Vedic horoscope would tell me about my personality and my future. Pretty interesting things… and also correct. Anatoly was very meticulous with my astrology analysis and gave me some quite useful directions and advices in order to have more successful and satisfying life. I highly recommend his services (he has already made a Vedic horoscope to each member of my family).
    He is kind, accessible and answers all your additional questions after he sends you the horoscope. Don’t hesitate to contact him!

  4. Taylor

    The career consultation reading was very helpful for me already finding confidence to explore other interests following my reading! Anatoly was also very thorough and answered any additional questions that I had. I would definitely recommend Anatoly’s career and life purpose reading.

    • Anatoly Malakov

      thank you ! I am happy that I helped

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