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Astrology can lead you through a hard time and a good time, astrology can show you what is the best solution for your situation and how to get the best of your life experience.

Yearly Prediction Horoscope is the best option for you, If you need help if you need someone who can direct you through your life or business choices, someone who can give you the best advice according to the position of the planets !!!


Yearly Horoscope Reading

The Yearly Horoscope option is for those, who want to know what to expect in the next year and for those who have any specific plans and want to be sure if the time is appropriate for fulfilling them.

So if you have any life dilemmas  or you want to choose the best day to start a business project or to get married, or you just want to know what will be the tendencies in your life in the following year – this will be the best choice for you – Yearly Prediction Horoscope

We will check:

  • the planetary dashas (periods), which is the basis of the prediction of events in human life
  • we will check the main transits of the slow-moving planets as per your natal chart.
  • Replying to the questions you have (please don’t forget to write them down) and of course, once you hear the horoscope, you will be able to ask additional questions, too. I am Virgo and my main aim is to help and guide you.

This Yearly horoscope consultation will give you important information about what actions to take and how to make your dreams and goals come true.


How will I get the consultation?


  • The consultation is on an audio file that is long around 20/30 mins, depending on your questions. I will send you the audio file to your private email address.
  • The consultation is based on Vedic Astrology, which is the most accurate astrology, that shows the real position of your planets.



Once you make the purchase, please provide all the required information below by sending an email to or through the fields of the Cart Checkout!


The subject of the email: Yearly Prediction Horoscope

Name: First and last name

Sex: male or female

Date of Birth: Example 20 September 1990 – please always write the month with letters

Time of birth – example 19:30 h – this is for the evening, 7:30 – this is for the morning

Please be sure that you have an accurate time of birth!

Place of birth – city of birth, state, country

Place of residence – city, state, country

Additional notes – Please write 3 questions that you want to ask, related to the Yearly predictions, so I can answer them in the audio file

PayPal transaction number/ Stripe transaction number– this is the number of the successfully settled payment for the Yearly Horoscope reading.

7 reviews for Yearly Horoscope Reading

  1. Vessy

    Great work , accurate prognostic methods, very helpful

  2. Petrov P.

    Very glad to be one of the first happy customers leaving a review note. My first Astrology coaching session with Anatoliywas back in 2017. With his knowledge based, practical guidance I managed to become better at what I do. His help was an important part of me finding peace with my inner spiritual and outer physical being.
    I find his service great in many aspects. You get what you pay for and a bit more. The live coaching session is 45 minutes long and it`s strictly targeted to suit your needs. I was personally interested in his business advises and it`s safe to say that his expertise helped me in my ability to analyze and solve business issues.
    Don`t hesitate to contact him, he will respond in a professional manner!

  3. Dimitar D.

    Let me start with this – Anatoli is great person! He was very careful, friendly and understanding!
    On top of that his prognosis were on point, accurate and detailed. The session was very helpful, with a lot of useful information and tailored advises to my situation.
    Highly recommend! You won’t regret it!

  4. K.Koleva

    Very glad to share my experience with Anatoly. He has great variety of abilities showing them on daily basis. But what I appreciate the most is his quality to understand people and to have a deep look in their individual issues, qualities and experience.
    I was so impressed how he managed to understand people , always gives the best advises not only with everything that seems to be set already , but having in mind your individual personality. The information provided was so useful to me for many aspects. He makes you think about the things above the surface.
    Some of the things are so specific, for example I was really surprised when back in 2017 in August, Anatoly told me that in November I will go abroad on a short journey – I didn’t believe at all, to be honest, since i didn’t have any plans to have a vacation. So the time passed by and later in the last week of October I received a present from my girls of tickets to London in the beginning of November ! I was shocked …and astonished how accurate is Vedic Astrology.

  5. Iva

    I was very surprised by the incredible accuracy. Very detailed. I’m still excited. Every day I expect something to happen to me. And I think I’m more confident in my actions. Thank you so much!!!!!

  6. I. Ivanova

    Anatoli is very knowledgable, great at explaining the complexities of astrology in an approachable way. I really appreciate the time he takes to understand me , and also the safe space he creates in the session. His insights were SPOT on…he explained things that I have been struggling to understand about myself. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in personal growth or life purpose work.

  7. Iv K

    Anatoly’s knowledge of Vedic astrology revealed to me answers to many vague questions.
    I was extremely excited about the interpretation of my natal card. It sounded as if Anatoly knew the deepest corner of my personality and soul!
    This young but at the same time experienced astrologist impressed me with the kind attention and patience he was listening and answering to all my questions throughout the session.
    Anatoly gave me an extremely correct prognosis as well as a lot of clarity in the puzzle of my personal relationships!
    I am looking foreword for the next session in order to discuss with Anatoly some important decisions through the prism of the Vedic astrology!

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