Relocation Horoscope Reading – Astrocartography


Are you happy in the place, where you live ?

Do you want to go abroad?

Is it time for a change of location?

Now you have the option to check how your life will change according to the astrocartography.


Whether you will be happy?

What issues you will face?

Are you going to have the best time of your life?

Are you going to meet the love of your life there?


This option can give you insights into what will happen if you change the place where you live.

Come on, its time to travel the world and find incredible new destinations and experiences.


How will I get the consultation?

The consultation will be an audio file, which will be long around 10/15 minutes.

Because of this, I will need an email address or skype (or we can figure out another communication channel ) through which I can send you the audio file.

If you need live consultation, please check option 5, where we can make the consultation through skype and have a conversation – questions and answers.

Once you make the purchase, please send the Paypal transaction number to with the following information:

Subject of the email: Relocation horoscope reading

Name: First and Last name

Sex: male or female

Date of Birth: example 20 September 1990 – please always write the month with letters

Time of birth – example 19:30 h – this is for the evening, 7:30 – this is for the morning

Please be sure that you have an accurate time of birth

Place of birth – city of birth, state, country

Place of residence  – city, state, country

Email/skype – in order to send the audio file

Place where you want to go to live – city, country, state

Additional notes – you can leave information that you want to share or to give me directions for the astrological analysis – what kind of sphere you are working now



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